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Veterans Day Parade in Virginia Beach, VA (AAR)

Even though it was only 46-degrees in VB, and many uniforms and costumes were covered by heavy coats, the parade went on with the usual bands, marchers, and veterans groups. But this year PBR 721 was added to the mix and was well received by those brave souls standing on the curbs in heavy coats!

PBR 721’s involvement this year was orchestrated by SKC (SS) Patrick Doyle (Ret.), and CMC John Heistand SSSW (Ret.) of VFW Post 392 in VB. John jumped through hoops to acquire the necessary permits, and drove down to NC to tow PBR 721 to VB and back, while Pat crewed the boat in the parade pulling down the antenna’s every now and again!

Also crewing the boat were PBR Vietnam Veteran Donald Stegiel- GMG/SFC, Dinah Doyle, Katie Kennon, Karen Slatter, while I drove the lead chase truck along with Tom Farrel, Army PBR Vietnam Veteran and President of the Sea Tigers Association.

Following in the second chase vehicle was David Pizzoferrato, owner of PBR 6927 up in Ohio, with Rick Larsen (Mass.) owner of “Rick Larsen Stencils“, supplier of military stencils.

Following along on foot, documenting all this was Mike Hebert (poor soul), an Army PBR Vietnam Veteran, and “Riverine Reporter” for the Sea Tiger Association, who took all of these pics!

Below is the video of the complete parade, and you’ll see us at about the 30:20 mark, while the pics are in gallery below.

Sea Tigers Association – a publication of the US Army 458th Trans. Co (PBR): www.458thseatigers.org/pdf/Riv-Ron_4.pdf