3 thoughts on “An interview with Captain Frederick A Olds”

  1. I served under CDR Frederick Olds on the USS Sumter lst-1181. The best C.O. I ever served under.

  2. A fearless man, and you couldn’t ask for a better skipper. I had the pleasure of serving as a Gunner’s Mate with him on the USS Sumter in the late 70’s. I’ll never forget him backing down a Russian minesweeper somewhere near the Arctic Circle who had chased down & tried to run over a group of our Seals in a rubber raft who were collecting some of their sonar buoys for observation. The raft narrowly escaped them by running it up on to our stern gate. They then taunted our ship by making runs at our stern making us think they were going to ram us us. Olds then had an interpreter chew them out in Russian over our loudspeaker and when they continued their ramming taunts he had us go to GQ with loaded 3″ 50 gun mounts & train them on the bridge of the minesweeper, threatening to fire on them if they didn’t stop. They soon left and I was relieved as it was my finger on the firing key of the gun mount!

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