PBR 721 Wreath Laying Ceremony, Bridgeport, Connecticut, 2006

PBR 721 Wreath Laying Ceremony held in Bridgeport, Connecticut

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2 thoughts on “PBR 721 Wreath Laying Ceremony, Bridgeport, Connecticut, 2006”

  1. Where did you get this boat? I served at Mare Island 82-83 and I can’t remember all are boat numbers so just wondering if it as one of SBU XI’s boats. Thanks

    1. Gary, my name is Frank Ambruso, Dennis’s younger brother.

      You may have heard Dennis passed away.

      I’m in the process of helping reach out to everyone who may be interested in his legacy, or his vast pbr related info, books, parts, boat/trailer, etc.

      My other brother Daniel is busy working etc so feel free to contact me and or spread the word around im trying to coordinate with his contacts much information.

      Thank you for your patience.
      Frank Ambruso
      Star, Idaho.

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