26′ Coast Guard Monomoy Surf Boat

Just after I got separated out of active duty in 1967, my father bought this old 1938-ish Monomoy surf boat that was in rough shape, but had nice lines too it. It was all cedar planked and oak ribbed .

So we took it apart, installed new ribs, or sistered up some old ones, copper riveted planks, stringers, and decking. I rebuilt the old buda engine after having the new babit bearings poured, and you can see me in one of the pics doing what I do!

A safe and study sea boat to have fun in! And my father named her DEFRALDA after his four sons: DEnnis (US Navy Vietnam Veteran), FRank (USMC Vietnam Veteran), ALlen (USMC Vietnam Veteran), and DAniel (Navy League Sea Cadet).

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DEFRALDA II 26′ Coast Guard Monomoy surf boat 1967

Dennis restoring 26′ Coast Guard Monomoy surf boat 1967

At the tiller is Robert “Spike” Faubel, an old family friend and fellow boater on Long Island Sound.

Proud. Brave. Reliable.