Los Angeles Harbor Police Boat: Uniflite Corsair

Way back in the late 1990’s, when I was out in Long Beach, California , I stumbled across this “Uniflite Corsair” in the guise of a Harbor Patrol Boat. This of course is a civilianized-Hard Top PBR .

After a lengthy conversation about the PBR with the officers in charge, I did get invited for a ride , which I eagerly took. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Los Angeles Harbor Police Boat: Uniflite Corsair”

  1. Hi.I’m one of the port police officers you talked to way back when.officers names are : Dave knight &Kent hobbs. I
    I was looking up uniflights 721 when I came across your story.
    When we first received the boat in 1982 it was painted olive green.we used it that way until the Harbor dept, received complaints that it looked too military so it was painted white.
    Some of our officers thought it was funny to mock up a machine gun & Mount it on the boat.people would call in and complain. We would respond:they must be nuts! We don’t have
    one. Anyway yours was a great story. We are both retired and the
    Statute lo limitations has run out , so were safe. Dave.

    1. Wow David, so long ago with a wonderful back story about that boat ! Interesting to know it was painted green when you guys got it !
      Do you have any idea where the boat is now ?

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